To ensure you have all your talent at the requested time, we may assign a backup talent to your booking. Backups are intended to fill-in when the primary talent is unable to start working on time. Your roster will identify who the backup is.

How it works
The primary talent and the backup talent are scheduled to start at the same time. 

The intention is to activate the primary talent, but if your primary talent is late, not in the correct dress attire, or not ready to work, you have the ability to activate your backup through the app or website.

Note: A backup cannot be activated before the primary talent has had the opportunity to arrive on time.

If you do not need to use the backup
If your primary talent arrives as planned, we kindly ask that you inform the backup talent that they will not be needed and mark them "Unused" in the app. However, our team can relay the information to them if that is your preference.

Note: Talent accept backup gigs with the understanding that there is a possibility they may not be activated.

If you decide to use the backup, you will be billed for all hours worked, with a 4 hour minimum. If you do not use the backup, you will not be billed for them.

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