Closing your booking at the end of a gig is one of the most important steps to ensuring current and future success with the Jitjatjo platform for 2 major reasons:

  1. You’re able to confirm that the hours worked are correct so your account is charged accurately.
  • Jitjatjo staff clock in and out via the Talent version of the Jitjatjo app. So in the rare instance your staff forget to clock in or they forget to clock out, you can easily fix this, post-shift, by adjusting their time, in-app. 

2. You’re able to rate your staff so that future matches are complementary to your needs.

  • Whether your experience with Talent was exceptional or didn't meet your expectations, then you have the power to control whether or not you will be matched with Talent for future bookings. 
  • Let’s say you loved working with someone, go ahead and rate the Talent an Absolutely. This way, If you place a booking for the same role in the future, they will be matched first (dependent on their availability). 
  • And of course, the opposite is true as well. If you’d rather not work with someone again, then simply rate the Talent a Never and you will not be matched with them. 

This is the beauty of Jitjatjo’s rating system and why it's very important to rate Talent accurate to your observations and expectations. 

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