We send backups to some jobs as a precaution.  You can always see who is a backup, and who is a primary worker, inside the Jitjatjo app.  In most cases, you will not need the backup and you can just send her home.  

Who are the backups?

Backups are just like the other workers on the job.  They have the skills and the availability to work the entire gig, if needed.  However, they have also been educated on the backup process; so they won’t be offended if you ask them to go home.  On the roster for job in the My Staffing section of the Jitjatjo app, you will always be able to see which workers have been labeled as backups. 

Can I use the backup instead of the primary talent?

Only if you need to dismiss the primary talent.  If the primary is late, unprepared, or in the wrong uniform, then you are free to send that person home and activate the backup.  However, if both the primary and the backup are ready and able to do the job, then please use the primary worker.  You may have to pay the four-hour minimum for sending home a worker who arrived on time, in uniform, and ready to work.

Can I use the backup in addition to the primary talent?

Of course! 

Will I pay for them?

If they work, you will pay for backups’ time at the regular rate.  If not, then Jitjatjo will pay for four hours’ time, and you won’t be charged.  

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