To place the booking:

1. Download the Jitjatjo Business App (it will have a white background).  You can also follow this link on your phone:   

2. Log in using your email address 

3. You will get a text message with the identification code

4. Now that you're on the homepage, tap Book Now

5. Enter the address or select it from the recent locations

6. Select the date(s)

7. Pick the position from the drop-down menu and select the tier

8. Enter the start time and end time

9. Select the correct attire. Please bear in mind that the left column is for males, the right column is for females. If you'd like them to wear the same thing, just match the pictures. 

10. Enter instructions for the gig. I would recommend putting a brief description of what they may be doing on the job and include any information of who they should be checking in with. If it is difficult to find your location, it is always helpful to add any landmarks to look for that would help.

11. Add any additional positions by tapping Add Now and repeat steps 7-10.

12. Tap Check Out

13. Review your booking and tap Confirm.

While it seems like there are many steps, they are relatively easy. If you have any question, just let us know!

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